Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Heart's Haven e-Book - get yours NOW!

Love Notions: New Heart's Haven Holidays novelette!

We are so excited to welcome LOVE NOTIONS to the growing list of Heart's Haven novelettes! It's a Mary Manners title, and if you've ever read a Mary Manners book, you know they are all special. Here's a peek into this latest delight:

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Jami Mitchell has come home to Heart's Haven to open a bookshop with the inheritance Grandma left to her. Nana's Novel Notions is the business of her dreams until she realizes who the tenant next door is: ruthless Riley Hunter. Growing up in the small town together, she's watched him dance through women while she's hidden her feelings with a concrete exterior. How will she cope, when she can't bear being in the same town with him, let alone neighbors?

Riley Hunter has sacrificed everything to shed the poverty of his childhood. While others held Sweet-sixteen parties, he cleaned up after them. But his hard work has paid off, and he's opened an architecture firm in the growing town. He's had a thing for Jami since high school, but she was the privileged girl who never gave him the time of day. Now she's come home with a wad of cash and has set up a book store in the business complex he plans to buy out.

Can the two put the past behind them, or will his dream shatter hers?