Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Are you ready for more of Heart's Haven?

 We're so excited about our upcoming Heart's Haven releases...TWO of them, coming only two weeks apart! To celebrate, we're having parties on Facebook - and YOU'RE INVITED! As always, we'll be visiting with our readers, sharing recipes, and giving away some great prizes. Trust me, you don't want to miss these events!

The first party is on Friday, Nov. 1st, to celebrate the release of Tanya Stowe's HAUNTED HEARTS. Here's a blurb from this wonderfully warm tale with just enough eeriness to make it perfect for this time of year:

Firefighter Scott Lunsford is haunted by his past. Tormented by loss and reeling from guilt, he hasn't been the same since a car accident claimed his girlfriend's life. He should have saved her. With his life and his faith in ruins, he takes a leave of absence and throws himself into the renovation of his turn-of-the-century house. His days are filled with renewing and rebuilding…but the nights bring voices and apparitions and Scott fears he's losing his mind.

Self-proclaimed klutz Suzy Daniels knows angels frequent her Heart’s Haven home, but the entity she encounters floating around Scott Lunsford is no angel. Suzy trips on her own feet and slides down the side of the trail, screaming all the way. But Suzy realizes Scott is being tormented. She tells the handsome firefighter she's seen the apparition and assures him he’s not losing his mind--he's just as sane as she is. Suzy doesn’t believe in ghosts but she does believe in angels, God’s spiritual warriors, and she’s convinced they can help Scott in this battle for his soul.

If you've been following the series, you know that Heart's Haven started with four novellas written by four authors. The original series included:

LEAP OF FAITH by Tanya Stowe
DANCE WITH ME by Mary Manners

Our readers accepted these four books with such enthusiasm that we found we couldn't bear to say good-bye to Heart's Haven just yet. So...we put together another couple of series. One is still in the offing (we'll keep you updated!), but we're in the middle of releases for the Heart's Haven Holidays series right now. These books include:

LEXI'S HEART by Delia Latham (A Mother's Day story)
LOVE NOTIONS by Mary Manners (A 4th of July story)


(The above two novellas are available NOW...you can buy them publisher-direct or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book - actually, pretty much any online bookseller should have them available.)

Finishing off the Holidays series are the two books pictured at the beginning of this post:

HAUNTED HEARTS by Tanya Stowe (A Halloween story) Coming Nov. 1st  Don't forget to be at the Facebook party!

MARIA'S ANGEL by Marianne Evans (A Thanksgiving story) Coming Nov. 15th  Stay tuned for release day/party news!