Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Heart's Haven Easter Collection!

Were you wondering if another Heart's Haven collection was in the offing? Well...the answer is YES!

We're so excited about the new Heart's Haven Easter collection coming this Spring. We've decided we simply cannot wait until then to share our lovely new covers with you, so.... 

It's a COVER REVEAL day on our Facebook page, Feb. 4th! We'll be giving away the entire set of Heart's Haven Holiday books (the previously released collection shown at left)...and maybe even an extra prize or two to make it even more exciting.

Don't miss this fun, "revealing" event! We'll leave the light on for you... :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Get your FREE Heart's Haven short story!


Andrew Hart owns Heart's Haven, a cottage-rental complex where love happens and angels dwell. Somehow, the elderly bachelor has managed to escape falling in love himself—or so everyone thinks.

Widow Vivian Mallory loves the man who talks to angels, but she despairs of ever being anything more than his best friend. When Andy reveals a decades-old mistake that sentenced him to a lifetime alone and has never yet ceased to haunt him, Viv knows she has to let Andrew go and move on with her own life.

Only Grace can heal Andrew’s heart and open the door to love before Viv closes it forever.

Hearts Haven Trailer by Jayna Morrow

A sweet author friend, Jayna Morrow, created a trailer for Heart's Haven. Click the link below and enjoy!