Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for...

God ~ A Loving Messenger

‘Ever felt an angel’s breath in the gentle breeze?
A teardrop in the falling rain? Hear a whisper amongst the rustle of leaves?
Or been kissed by a lone snowflake?
Nature is an angel’s favorite hiding place.’ Terri Guillemets

Years ago, my mom and I strolled along a secluded, white sand beach in Pensacola, Florida. The temperature was pleasingly mild, the breeze was a gentle and salt-kissed delight. Evening rode in on white-capped waves burnished by the sun as it sank beneath the horizon, illuminating a sky layered by light, sporadic cloud cover. Every pastel hue imaginable seemed to be painted across the heavens that night. Mom and I didn’t say a word. We didn’t have to. God spoke loud and clear enough for both us in a clear and radiant message of His love and majesty.

Once we made our way back to my parent’s condo, both of us still enthralled by the breathtaking moment of that perfect sunset, my mom finally spoke up. “How can anyone experience beauty like that and doubt God’s existence? How can they doubt God is talking when He gives us a sunset like that?”

The same kind of hushed but eloquent beauty can be applied to another spot where I always feel God speaking to me. Northern Michigan. The pine forests are ancient. The creaking branches of the birch trees, the skittering animals, the cobalt sky all speak to me a message of God’s masterful creation, of the love and beauty He longs to share. Snowflake kisses, the cool drumbeat of a spring rain, an endless expanse of ocean. God sends His heart to us in ways that draw me in and lift me up no matter what my mood or outward circumstances.

God— a direct and very personal messenger of love and grace. The idea fills me with amazement and awe. He loves us so much He makes Himself present in ways large and small.

How does God speak to you? What ‘messengers’ does He use to touch chords in your spirit?


  1. Don't you just love the soul-touches of God, when he reaches into your spirit and wakes you up to His love? I can't wait to hear from you!!

  2. Loved your post..

    - Your fellow A to Zer
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    1. :-D Thank you so much for your visit! God bless and keep shining!! xo

  3. This is beautiful. Really enjoyed it. and other posts I've read.

    I blog on Christian stuff at but am doing AtoZ on my fiction blog :)


    1. Hi there Ficticiousamo!! I've loved participating in the A to Z challenge as well, though Delia has been just AMAZING! I wish I had more time to dedicate to it! I'm so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the visit! God bless!!

  4. Every day, in every way, I hear His whispers. I'm not a morning person, but once in awhile, God will wake me up with a gentle urge to spend that time with Him, and when I's an unbelievable experience to share a sunrise alone with Him. I hear His voice in flowers that are so perfect any thinking person will know they didn't happen by accident. I hear Him in a soft, refreshing breeze on a day too warm for comfort. He's just so amazing, so awesome!
    Great post, my friend!

    1. Delia, my darling, you are SUCH a beauitful spirit, and poet! ::sigh!!!!:: Love to you, and thanks for your beautiful comment! xo


  5. You girls are both blessed with just the right way to put your words together to touch one's heart. I too, look at the beauty GOD has filled our world with for us to enjoy in awe, and wonder how anyone can believe it just happened, Even the little yellow flowers that grow in my yard when the grass starts growing in the spring. I also think often of the human body and how he put everything in just the perfect order for our needs. Only GOD could do that. And, I feel his love with each new grandbaby I had and now the greats. Had 3 new ones just this past year. I realize how HE shows His love for me by the enjoyment I have each time I hold them and watch them play and laugh. Just saw a few Buttercups that had come up in the yard just a few days ago. Don't always have them. I enjoy them while I can for I don't have any pretty flowers or bushes in my lot at this mobile park. I loved seeing HIs greatness in the beautiful Teton Mountains and Lakes I could see every day very easily. How marvelous the beauty HE gave us to enjoy. And when I see the little flowers growing up with the weeds in my yard, I always call them GOD's little garden, and wish they were in a place that didn't need to mow.

  6. Well, I just wrote you a long comment here, but it just deleted some way. maxie


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