Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for...

‘Angels are never too distant to hear you.’ Author Unknown

I have to admit, being human and flawed and all, there are times when I wonder why God chases after me with such relentless passion. I wonder why, in the moments that I fall, when sin pulls me down in the moments goodness should help me to rise, God doesn’t give up. How come He doesn’t simply sigh sadly, shake His head, and say, ‘Well, I sure did try!”

Like most folks, I honestly try to do the right thing. I work hard to step away from circumstances that will draw me onto the devil’s turf. You know, little stuff that builds into big stuff--like impatience with myself, my family, or my colleagues, or maybe allowing myself to be swept into gossip, or the kind of chatter that brings people down instead of lifting them up. I try to avoid overspending, over eating; I try not to approach my world in a selfish way. Sometimes I succeed, a lot of times, I fail.

I recently constructed a few devotionals centered on the redeeming grace of Christ’s blood. The process of exploring redemption left me focused on sin, and its cost. Christ’s blood, the blood of God’s one and only son, was shed each and every one of us, to cover all sin for all time, and to bridge the distance between God and humankind.

Writing the devotionals affirmed to me that nothing stops God from loving us. Nothing stops God from offering full and total redemption. No matter how many times we fall, or how many ways we walk away, when we offer him our authentic love, and repentance, and when we really truly tryto keep ‘fighting the good fight of the faith,’ He will never leave or forsake us. He’s waiting with open arms, and an open heart, ready to receive us as His children.

Wow. Talk about a miracle…


  1. I'm so glad I've been redeemed! I have to agree, Marianne - writing those devotionals made me see a lot of things in a different light, as well.


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